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RaziDawakhana.com provides appropriate information about Health Care, Health Tips, Health Research, about Herbs and also provides First Medical Aid instructions in very clear and efficient language(s) in English as well as in Urdu. RaziDawakhana.com‎ also entertains customers' questions and provides them online health tips and cures. RaziDawakhana.com‎ provides health information that may or may not exactly fulfill to anyone's health condition(s) but these health cares can be useful and beneficial in different situations.

In Islam, health is viewed as one of the greatest blessings that Allah Almighty has conferred to mankind. It should be noted that the greatest blessing after belief is health, as described in the several Hadiths. “Indeed, Allah is the One Who heals all diseases”. RaziDawakhana.com will explain the relation between Islam and Health and will provide the health tips in the perspectives of Islam.

Research in any field has its own values and benefits but the research in health has highest value in today’s world. Advance research in health provides us the helpful information about new trends in care and latest diseases and their treatment, better usage of medicines and helps in surgery and also helps to reduce cost.

Traditionally herbs were used in the ancient times. Today these herbs have many years research work on them, so we cannot refuse their importance in our daily life. Here we will discuss about some herbs, their uses, sources, benefits, also their risks and their complete names in other languages.

RaziDawakhana.com will provide useful health tips and advices that can be helpful for you. Many herbs can be used as good home remedies. We will give tips about those herbs that can be easily available in market.

The importance of First Medical Aid cannot be refused in our daily lives. First Medical Aid is the process of providing the initial medical treatment to the patient or victim until he reached at hospital. RaziDawakhana.com will also provide the basic knowledge of First Medical Aid that should be necessary for any individual.