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Dengue Fever Symptoms, Treatments and Precautions

Dengue fever is caused by Dengue Virus (DENV), a mosquito transmit flavivirus. DENV is single strand RNA positive strand virus of the family flavivirdae, genus flavivirus. DENV is a 50 nm virus enveloped with lipid membrane.
History of dengue virus:
The origin of the word dengue is not known but one theory says it I derived from the Swahili phrase ‘ka danga pepo’, which means that it is like pain due to an evil spirit.

Who invented dengue?
The first confirmed case of dengue fever was reported in 1789 by Benjamin Rush. This introduced the term break bone fever because of the symptoms of myalgia (muscle pain) and arthalgia (joint pain).

Habitat of dengue virus:
Dengue virus is found throughout the world but is mostly found in the tropical and subtropical regions. It is spread across central and South America, Africa, the eastern Mediterranean, Oceania, the Caribbean and the south and Southeast Asia. There are four types of dengue virus. These four viruses are called antigenically serotypes because in human blood serum each one has different reactions with antibodies. It causes a wide range of disorders in humans such as dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic or dengue shock syndrome.
Vector of dengue virus:
Aedes aegypti is the primary vector of dengue. Only the female mosquito bites its blood for the maturity of its eggs. These mosquitoes are attracted to comical compounds such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, lactic acid and octanol. These mosquitoes have white markings on the upper surface of the legs and their thorax. The mosquito is present in Pakistan from September to December following monsoon rains. According to experts, the mosquito blooms at a temperature of 10 to 40 degree Celsius and kills it at 1 degree or more temperature.

Dengue in Pakistan:
The number of dengue patients in Pakistan exceeds 50,000. According to the report, the number of dengue patients in Punjab has increased by 1869. Twins cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi are the most affected areas. Both cities have recently tested positive for 2500 people with the dengue virus. In Islamabad hospitals, 8500 dengue cases have been identified. According to the report, 770 dengue patients are being treated in different hospitals. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the number of dengue patients has exceeded 4000. The number of dengue cases in sindh is 4160.  3780 dengue cases were reported in Karachi. 3000 dengue patients have been identified in Baluchistan. According to a report, 260 people have already died due to dengue in different parts of the country in the last few weeks.

14 Symptoms of dengue fever:
These symptoms usually appear four to six days after infection and last for 10 days. These may include:
1.          High fever
2.          Stomach pain
3.          Headache
4.          Tree stool
5.          Nausea
6.          Low number of cells
7.          Vomiting
8.          Fatigue
9.          Pain behind the eyes
10.    Sever pain in the joints and muscles
11.    Dengue virus also affects blood flow and hart rate
12.    Itching on the skin, this appears five days after the onset of fever
13.    Light bleeding during dengue, such as bleeding from the nose and bleeding from the gums.
14.    The fever patients may have numbness and difficulty breathing.

The only way to diagnose dengue virus is through a blood test and clinical presentation.

Dengvaxia is a vaccine prevented vaccine and is available in some countries. It is suitable for people ages 9-45. The world health organization recommends that the vaccine be given only to people who have already been confirmed to have dengue virus infection.

Dengue treatment:
1.          According to medical experts, the use of honey and papaya leaves has been proven to treat dengue fever.
2.          Removing papaya leaf juice is useful to feed the dengue patient in the morning and evening. Use two tablespoon every six hours.
3.          Mix one tablespoon of honey in warm water three times a day, and give it to the patient for some time before eating.
4.          Goat’s milk is also useful for dengue fever. The patient should be weaned periodically during the day.
5.          Mixing lemon juice with fresh apple juice benefits the patient.
6.          Pomegranates and tomatoes in fruits naturally work against diseases.
7.          Ginger garlic and onion in vegetables are antiviral and antibiotic.
8.          Dengue fever patients use vitamin k, B, C based doses. Use rice beetroot, carrots, cauliflower, curry, sage lemon, sweet, guava, turnips, peanuts and slices.

Precautions for dengue fever:
1.       Experts believe that dengue mosquitoes thrive in clean water, so cover water tanks, tubs, and other utensils indoors.
2.       Water should not be stored for long; water in the vessels should be wasted.
3.       The air cooler in the house and the water collected in the tank should be drained.
4.       Special care should be taken to clean the streets. Do not allow water to stand in street.
5.       Mosquito spray should be used indoors and coal mats should be used.
6.       Use mosquito nets as well as nets on doors and windows.
7.       Mosquito repellent lotion should be used all over the body
8.       Wear full sleeve dresses.
9.       Lemon grass should be planted at home to prevent dengue mosquito breeding.

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