10 Health Benefits of Walnut - اخروٹ کے دَس حیران کُن فوائد

10 Health Benefits of “Walnut”
The walnut is called “Jose” in Arabic, “Gardgan” in Persian and in English “Walnut” says. Its color is brown and nut is white. Walnut contains plenty of pigments and protein. It has bleak but goluptious taste.

Ten health benefits of “Walnut”:
1.  The walnut improves digestions and strengthens the human body. The use of fried walnuts in winter is helpful for cold cough.
2. Ingredients in walnut are helpful in controlling heart diseases, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
3. Walnut and walnut oils reduce mental stress and fatigue. That’s why medical experts advise to use walnut in routine for those people who do mental labor.
4. The use of walnuts eliminates physical weakness and relieves impuissance.
5. Walnuts are useful in cancer and diabetes.
6. Eating walnuts control appetite and does not increase weight.
7.  If the nut of the walnut is poured into water and applied to the injury, the injury mark does not remain.
8. By rubbing fresh peeling of walnuts on teeth makes the teeth and gums strong.
9. The daily use of walnuts is helpful in controlling the effects of aging.
10.       According to a new research, the inimical effects of greasy foods may be lessened if walnut is eaten after meal. Fatty foods damage the arteries and gain benefits from eating walnut. According to scientist walnut contains such pigments that can reduce the ability of fat accumulation. According to a Barcelona hospital expert, everyone must eat at least 28 grams of walnut daily.

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  1. Walnuts have lots of real uses !!
    After reading the article I found it really good.
    Maybe every week I'll eat some walnuts. Combined with weight-training exercises.
    Thanks Ysb888 for bringing me here !!!

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