50 Astonishing Benefits of Fenugreek - میتھی کے 50 حیران کّن فوائد

50 astonishing benefits of Fenugreek
Fenugreek is one of the blessings of Allah Almighty. It has many advantages for human’s health.
Fenugreek in Arabic is known as ‘Hulbaah’ in Persian ‘Shanbalilah’, in Pashto ‘Malkhuza’ and in English it is known as ‘Fenugreek’..

Benefits of Fenugreek in human’s life:
1.    Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said that “Get cure from Fenugreek.”
2.    Fenugreek contains vitamin-B, Phosphorus, iron and calcium that control blood deficiency and make the body strong.
3.    Fenugreek helps to remove eye’s yellowness, mouth bitterness and also helps the pertaining the panic of heart.
4.    Fenugreek also helps to control the salivation.
5.    Fenugreek can also be used to cook like lentils or can be used as porridge or Fenugreek’s powder can be used in ‘Lassi’ (Milk after extracting butter).
6.    Fenugreek can be added in curry to enhance taste.

Useful in joints and waist pain:
7.    10 to 12 grams fresh grinded leaves of fenugreek using in morning in empty stomach is beneficial in arthritis.
8.    Using of fenugreek seed boil with jiggery gives comfort to joints and back pain.
9.    Fenugreek is also useful in the waist pain and spleen’s wounds.

Useful in mouth blisters:
10.          If there are blisters in mouth, boil the fresh leaves of the fenugreek in water and then gaggle with that water twice a day.
11.          The use of fenugreek is also beneficial for the patients with diabetes that are using insulin, but it is also important to abstain from rice, cabbage, banana, yam and other sweet foods. With fenugreek other allopathic medicines can also be used.
12.          The use of 15 to 20 grams crushed fenugreek seeds reduced the level of sugar in blood and urine. However, according to the level of diabetes the use of fenugreek seeds can be used up to 100 grams. For this, fenugreek seeds can be cook like lentils or in vegetables.
13.          Sometimes the abdomen swollen due to the stomach ulcer or due to the intestines’ infections, but the use of fenugreek is best cure to control this.
14.          The patients with low diabetes should not use fenugreek.

Role of Fenugreek to control cholesterol level:
15.           According to a research, the use of fenugreek grains reduces triglycerides and cholesterol level.
16.          Controls heart diseases.

Benefits of Fenugreek in winter:
17.          Fenugreek is diuretic; it is useful in winters with honey whenever urine problem occurs.
18.          Taking half a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds with water after daily meal can be protected from winter diseases.

Useful in External swelling and pimples:
19.          Applying the fenugreek seed’s pith (after peeling it) on wounds and pimples is also useful.
20.          Controls the external swelling.

Fenugreek seeds make the hairs strong and thick:
21.          Macerate the fenugreek seeds in water for sometimes. When it become soft then minces it and applies it in the root hairs and keeps it for one hour. After this wash the hairs, they will grow and fall off.

The use of Fenugreek seeds clean up and glow face:
22.          Fenugreek gives natural glow to face and makes skin soft and smooth.
23.          Collect the fresh fenugreek leaves and wash it with water and massage it gently, Good results will be found after few days.

Stay active, healthy and strong:
24.          Wash the fenugreek seeds and then boil it and slightly cook it and eat lightly, it will reduce bile secretion and makes the body active.
25.          Fenugreek petals reduce the anorexia.
26.          Fenugreek petals reduce the constipation and it helps to remove stools unreservedly and the person remains healthy.

The use of Fenugreek and disorders pertaining to women:
27.          Fenugreek is very useful for wound, pain and wombs’ swelling.
28.          Fenugreek is also useful to control menstruation.
29.          If the mother’s milk gets low and it is not sufficient to fulfill the baby’s requirement, then using little amount fenugreek seeds is beneficial for excessive lactation.

30.          Due to menstruation, women become irritable, weak, dull face, yellowish and physically fatigue, to cure this, the use of fenugreek in roasted meat or in vegetables is beneficial.

Advantages of Fenugreek coffee:
31.          It is not difficult to make fenugreek coffee. For this purpose take fenugreek seeds and boil them in warm water. Use it after the staining.
32.          Fenugreek is useful in swelling, pain and in burning of throat.
33.          Fenugreek is beneficial for suffocation and stomach burning.
34.          Fenugreek coffee cleans stomach’s and intestine’s dirt and removes extra fluid from digestive system.
35.          Fenugreek coffee helps in sweating and reduces fever periods too.
36.          In common diseases like cold, flue and fever, it is useful to take 3 to 4 cups of fenugreek coffee with empty stomach.
37.          If odors come from mouth, belly, nose, and ear or due to sweat it is useful to take fenugreek coffee for few days. It will eliminate all the corrupt and poisonous material from the body and there will be not bad smell.

Useful for the treatment of constipation and abdominal disorders:
38.          It stops indigestion and bad burping.
39.          Fenugreek increases the appetite.
40.          It also maintains the liver function.
41.          By using fenugreek, stomach worms can be killed.
42.          Fenugreek seeds are very effective in stomach diseases like stomach burning, restlessness after meal, irritation and swelling.

43.          For the treatment of dysentery patient it is good to take 3-5 gram of grinded fenugreek with water.
44.          If there is difficulty in excretion of stool due to the weakness of intestines, the use of 5 grams fenugreek powder is beneficial to use with jaggery mixture. It is also beneficial for the liver.

Bloody and Blind hemorrhoids treatment with Fenugreek:
45.          Fenugreek is very useful for piles. The blood coming out due to piles stops. It helps to losses warts.
46.          For the treatment of piles, grind 25 grams of fenugreek seeds and 25 grams of small cardamoms. Take it with milk or water twice a day. It will be healed only in few days. (Insha’Allah)۔

Useful treatment for cough and mucus:
47.          Fenugreek excretes mucus and protects the inner membrane of lungs.
48.          It is beneficial to use fenugreek for cough. It also improves stomach working.
49.          It is beneficial to drink fenugreek seeds mixing in hot water for cough and asthma.

50.          Boil the fenugreek seeds in water very well and by gaggling, it will reduce scratch and swelling of throat.

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