Importance of Sunshine For Humans' Life - دھوپ کی انسانی زندگی میں اہمیت

Importance of Sunshine in Human’s Life
The sun is a great and rare blessing of Allah Almighty. There are lots of benefits of sunshine for human beings. Sunshine has a very important role in human health, because there are many germs that die from the sunshine and from fresh air. But in today’s modern age just only for fashion or to protect the homes from dust and pollution people mostly kept the entire windows closed at all times, so the sunshine and fresh air cannot enter in the homes and in the result various types of germs born. So we need to keep home windows open at most of the day and the home windows and doors should be set in such a way that air circulation is maximum.

Sunshine Effect/Benefits for Human Body:
Allah Almighty created the Vitamin-D in human body but it’s in the inactive form. Its name is 7-Dehydro Cholesterol, but whenever the sun rays occur on the human body, in our skin the Vitamin-D which is in the inactive form, changes into Vitamin-D3 and get mixed into the blood. Then it becomes more useful by reaching the liver from there and then reached in the kidneys and begins its profitable work. Then it sharpens the process of absorbing phosphorus and calcium from the intestines in the blood. Phosphorus and calcium are very important for the growth of bones in human body.

Side Effects of Not Taking Sunshine:
There are many side effects of taking not sunshine as disease “rickets” is becoming very common in children. This disease is due to the deficiency of Vitamin-D and another reason for this disease is such environment where there is poor ventilation or not at all, because in such atmosphere the sunshine do not enter and the human body does not get it and this leads to various types of infectious diseases in bones of the children.

How to Get Sufficient Sunshine?
It is very important for a person to take sunshine, but it should be different according to different age groups. From sunrise to sunset the babies should be laid down in sunshine for the period of 15 minutes until baby’s skin gets heat well.
Note: while taking sunshine, we should sit in a place that is full of sunshine. Half body should not be under the sunshine and half under the shadow, because the shadow is cool and the sun is hot, and it is not good for the human body to get hot and cool at the same time.
Such a place in Islam has been called the devil’s rest (seat).

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