What is Depression and it's Symptoms, How to get rid from it? - ڈپریشن کیا ہے اور اس کی علامات، اس سے کیسے چھٹکارا حاصل کیا جائے؟

What is Depression and its Symptoms and How to get rid from it?

What is Depression?
Depression, mental concern, unhappiness, loss of sleep, such as problems and despair, and heart failure on someone's heart, the effects of this condition on human health are called depression.
According to the research depression is a disease that is rapidly spreading in every society. Researchers said that depression is a disease that is spreading rapidly in every society. Depression also causes high blood pressure and disease such as diabetes. This disease affects human health for a long period of time and ultimately, human beings move towards actions like suicide.

According to the institution MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image), there is no particular reason for depression, but many psychological, genetic, biological and social factors affect it. People who are mentally involved in any problem their minds are different from ordinary people. The part of the depressed people's brain, which is associated with sleep, hunger and mood, is different from ordinary people. Depression is a rapidly spreading disease, and by approximately 2030 depression will become the world's second major disease.

According to researchers the severity and duration of depression may be higher and may also be less. But it is necessary to recognize its symptoms.

Depression can occurs if some common symptoms are usually shown.

1.                 The lack of sadness and leisure atmosphere in the heart.
2.                 Stay depressed more time in a day.
3.                 Feeling fatigue in the body.
4.                 Ups and downs in Hunger or weight.
5.                 Unbelievable and feeling embarrassed.
6.                 Sleep problems.
7.                 Lack in self-confidence.
8.                 Suffering thoughts like suicide.
9.                 Do not make any decision.
According to researchers’ headache or physical pain and sleeps problems are also include as symptoms of depression. Mind distortion, sleep problems, change in diet schedule, mental stress and hopeless from life are all included in symptoms of depression.

The question is how to get rid of depression?
Depression cannot be considered as a common disease, but a little bit of attention and hard work can be taken away from this disease.

1.      Keep calm on your life:
Sometimes humans often focus their mind in making it impossible and suffer from depression. But whenever you feel a depression on yourself, change your usual life. Keep your life maximum relaxed, do not let any work be tolerated on you and learn to fight against such situations.

2.      Daily 15-20 minutes exercise and walk:
According to Professor of Queensland University, if you consider yourself as depressed, start walking at least 15 to 20 minutes and start exercising, in some instances you will feel self-defense against depression.

3.      Chewing the green leaves:
According to scientific research, to reduce mental stress chew of anything can be helpful. It is very useful to chewing the leaves of the salad that helps to reduce the stress hormones. Chewing of vegetables or salad leaves comforts the nerve system and provides relief, and the jaws get benefits too, which reduces stress. Because in the salad leaves a chemical apigenin is very beneficial that is generally used to reduce irritation and concern.

4.      Positive thinking and positive role:
A good solution to get rid from depression and mental conflicts is to keep your thinking positive and to be eaten positive. When human thinking is positive, the role of human beings becomes positive too and even reduces the mental stress. It is important to control yourself at the time of depression and understand yourself that the situation is not so complicated as much as possible. When you change your thinking, self-determination will become positive and self-determination will also increase. Avoid making any decision or answer immediately in case of pressure. In general, today's media and TV channels they also cause increased depression. Watch these things less and reduce their effects. Nowadays, pay less attention to social media even content that can increase depression, and read the books and stories that make up the mind and help to keep it calm.

5.      Eat green leafy foods:
According to a research in New York, green leafy foods such as peas, closed cabbage, salads, spinach etc. have the potential to eliminate depression. According to the research, the low level of depression and folic acid has a deep relation, because the amount of folic acid reduces human depression. Therefore, if depressed patients eat green leafy foods because it contains folic acid concentration, then up to 50% in depression can be reduced.

6.      Be social worker:
Helping other people get satisfaction and comfort, therefore depressed patients should play role as social worker and help people open their hearts and keep them happy. The doctors have also confirmed that being a social worker not only brings happiness to others but also has a positive impact on your own health and mental development.

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