12 Proven Health Benefits of Banana - کیلے کے بارہ فوائد

12 Proven Health Benefits of Banana
Banana is one of the most eatable fruit in the world wide, which holds the 4th biggest agricultural crop reward after wheat, rice and corn. Banana is easily available in every season and it is full of nutritious. That‘s why average 27 pounds bananas consume each year in the world wide. There are round about 1000 kinds of banana and produced by greater than one hundred countries. Due to its strong digestion ability and full of nutritious the ancient nations were used bananas as favorite fruit.

Twelve Benefits of banana

1.  A banana contains large quantity of vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese, vitamin C, potassium, dietary fiber, iron and NIACIN.
2. The use of banana reduces the heart attack risks. Potassium in banana helps to keep heart’s activities healthy and heart’s muscles strong. An average banana contains 422 ML potassium and an adult requires 4700 ML potassium daily.
3. Banana strong your memory and helps to keep your mood happy. Amino acid tryptophan in banana helps to reduce your depression and keeps you happy.
4. The people that have the problem of high blood pressure can control it by using the banana in daily routine.
5. Banana’s peel can be used to clean your teeth, its peel contains potassium, magnesium and manganese helps to remove black dots from teethes and will shine teethes.
6. Banana’s conditioner is natural remedy for hairs, the mixture of the equal quantity of cream, honey and banana. Use it on hairs for one hour and after wash hairs with hot water.
7.  The massage of banana peel on forehead is best for headache.
8. Banana’s peel contains phosphorus and potassium that can be best fertilizer for the crop of roses.
9. Banana is best food for babies the age of only 6 months because of it is very soft and have ability to fast digestion and full of nutritious. The babies that use one banana daily face less risks of asthma.
10.             Fruits and vegetables full of fiber are very helpful against cancer. Especially banana full of fiber protects against colorectal cancer.
11.              Banana is also helpful in cholera and as well as in constipation, due to its ability of fast digestions banana is a blessing for the patients with digestion problems.

12.             The massage of banana’s peel on face will protect your face from mosquito sting.

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